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An agreement for contract service is made this _____________ between _______________ (herein after called the appointee)on the one part and the National Judicial Academy, Bhopal(herein after called the Academy),on the other.

Whereas the Competent Authority of National Judicial Academy has been pleased to approve the appointment of _________________ as _________. Contract for a period of One Year and the appointee has accepted such appointment upon terms and conditions herein after appearing. Now THESE PRESENTS WITNESSETH and the parties here to respectively agree as follow:

  1. The agreement of contract service shall be deemed to have been entered into subject to the rules relating to contract services of Academy in force from time to time as applicable to the Contract employee of the Academy as well as provisions of the other existing Rules of the Academy.

  2. The Contract employee shall be on Contract service under the agreement for a period of One Year with effect from ___________ i.e. date of joining the post or for the period till he continues in contract service, whichever is earlier, on payment of Rs.________ per month as consolidated salary inclusive of all allowances.

  3. The Contract employee shall be a full time employee of the Academy and shall discharge to the best of his/her ability all works assigned from time to time.

  4. That the Contract Employees shall devote his/her whole time to the service of the Academy and shall not without permission of the Academy, engage, directly, in any trade or business whatsoever, or in any private service or any other work to which any emolument or honorarium is attached .However, this prohibition shall not apply to work undertaken with prior permission of the Competent Authority, in connection with the academic/research work and publication thereof.

5(a) Notwithstanding anything herein before contained, the Competent Authority of the Academy shall be empowered to summarily determine the engagement of the Contract Employee on the ground of misconduct in accordance with the provisions herein after set forth.

(b) The Competent Authority may, when he finds it necessary in the interest of the Academy, suspend the Contract Employee on the ground of misconduct. Thereafter, he shall report it to the next Higher Authority for app

 (c )

## 2 ##

The Competent Authority or any officer appointed by him as Enquiry officer shall investigate all matters about the misconduct of the Contract Employee whether he has been suspended or not. The Contract Employee shall be notified in writing of the charges against him and shall be given not less than one week’s time, which may be extended on good cause shown by such contract employee, to submit his explanation in writing.

The competent Authority or the Enquiry Officer may hear the Contract Employee and take such evidence as it may consider necessary and submit its report to the next higher authority/competent authority. The Competent Authority may thereafter, determine the continued engagement of the contract Employee where it deems that the misconduct of the Contract Employee deserves to be dealt with in that manner , after it has considered the explanation and the evidence, any, or the report of the Enquiry Officer, if one has been appointed.

Where the termination of the Contract of service on the ground of misconduct is after suspension, the termination of Contract of service will be from the date of suspension, unless the Competent Authority otherwise directs.

The Contract Employee shall be entitled to leave as appended to below in one calendar year.




Casual Leave - Earned Leave - Medical Leave -

10 Days 15 Days 10 Days

The Contract of service of the Contract Employee may, during the period of contract, be terminated by the Academy at any time by 30 days notice in writing or in lieu on payment of the salary for one month.

 ## 3 ##

The Contract Employee may terminate his/her contract of service by giving to the Competent Authority 30 days notice in writing or amount equivalent to the amount of the salary for one in lieu pay month.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF on the day and the year first above written, Registrar/Additional registrar of the Academy has hereinto set his/her hand and the Contract Employee has hereinto set his/her hand.

Witness (Name & Address)

  1. _________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________

  2. _________________________ __________________________

Registrar/Addl.Registrar National Judicial Academy

Bhopal (M.P.)

Signature of the Contract Employee

Name:- Address:- 

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