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Letter of Appointment



- -----------------------------------------

Registration No: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- ----------------------------------

- ---------------------------------- Sir,

You are appointed on whole time basis for supervision of sale of Allopathic drugs by retail under the name & style of M/s _________________________________________ at the premises _____________________________________________________________ on monthly salary of Rs._____________________ (Rupees ________________________) only with effect from ___________________________________________ towards engagement of qualified person required under Explanation (ii) below Rule 65 (15) of The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, & Rules framed there under for the purpose of licences in Para Nos: 20 & 21.

Please record your acceptance & joining herein.

Yours faithfully, PROPRIETOR / PARTNER OF M/s_________________________ - ---------------------- - ----------------------

ACCEPTED & JOINED THIS ___________ DAY OF _____________________.

I am not engaged elsewhere as a Pharmacist. My particulars are true to be signed in record form with photograph.

Signature & Date: _________________________________________ Registration Number: ____________________________.



Before the NOTARY PUBLIC AT __________________________________________________


I Sri / Smt. ____________________________________________ Son of / Daughter of / wife of _________________________________________ aged about ___________________ years, by faith _________________________ a resident of _________________________________ do hereby solemnly affirm & declare as follows: -

  1. 1.)  THAT, I am a Registered Pharmacist having Registration No: at_________________________, under The West Bengal Pharmacy Council.

  2. 2.)  THAT, I have been appointed as a Pharmacist on whole time basis by M/s ____________________________________________________________having its address

at _______________________________________________________ with effect from____________________.

  1. 3.)  THAT, I am not attached anywhere else as a Pharmacist / Competent Person at present and was / was not engaged previously as a Pharmacist / competent person / salesman in M/s _____________________ situated at _________________________ from where I was released on ___________________.

  2. 4.)  THAT, in the event of my above statements are found false, I shall be liable to all legal consequences so far as my ethical standards as a Registered Pharmacist / Competent Person is concerned.

  3. 5.)  I further state that I have got no objection if the reverse side of my original Registration Certificate is stamped by the authority while granting licence.





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Letter of Appointment