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Non Disclosure Agreement


Non-Disclosure Agreement

This AGREEMENT (hereinafter called the “Agreement”) is made on the [day] day of the month of [month], 

[year], between, ITD, on the one hand, (hereinafter called the “Purchaser”) and, on the other hand, [Name of

the bidder] (hereinafter called the “Bidder”) having its registered office at [Address]


1. the “Purchaser” has issued a public notice inviting various organizations to propose for hiring 

services of an organization for provision of services under the ‘Development of New Income Tax 

Business Application project’ for income tax department (hereinafter called the “Project”) of the 


2. the Bidder, having represented to the “Purchaser” that it is interested to bid for the proposed Project,

The Purchaser and the Bidder agree as follows:

1. In connection with the “Project”, the Purchaser agrees to provide to the Bidder a Detailed Document 

on the Project  vide the Request for Proposal . Request for Proposal (RFP) contains details and 

information of the Purchaser operations that are considered confidential. 

2. The Bidder to whom this Information (Request for Proposal) is disclosed shall:

a) Hold such Information in confidence with the same degree of care with which the Bidder protects

its own confidential and proprietary information;

b) Restrict disclosure of the Information solely to its employees, agents and contractors with a need

to know such Information and advise those persons of their obligations hereunder with respect to

such Information;

c) Use the Information only as needed for the purpose of bidding for the Project;

d) Except for the purpose of bidding for the Project, not copy or otherwise duplicate such Information

or knowingly allow anyone else to copy or otherwise duplicate such Information; and

e) Undertake to document the number of copies it makes on completion of the bidding process and

in case unsuccessful, promptly return to the Purchaser, all Information in a tangible form or certify

to the Purchaser that it has destroyed such Information.

3. The Bidder shall have no obligation to preserve the confidential or proprietary nature of any

Information which:

a) Was previously known to the Bidder free of any obligation to keep it confidential at the time of its

disclosure as evidenced by the Bidder’s written records prepared prior to such disclosure; or

b) Is or becomes publicly known through no wrongful act of the Bidder; or c) Is independently developed by an employee, agent or contractor of the Bidder not associated with

the Project and who did not have any direct or indirect access to the Information.

4. The Agreement shall apply to all Information relating to the Project disclosed by the Purchaser to the

Bidder under this Agreement.

5. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as granting or conferring rights of license or

otherwise, to the bidder, in any of the Information.

6. This Agreement shall benefit and be binding upon the Purchaser and the Bidder and their respective

subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns.

7. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Indian laws.

For and on behalf of the Bidder

______ (Signature) ______

(Name of the Authorised Signatory)



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Non-Disclosure Agreement